When you’re overcome by feelings of despair and anxiety, or feel a loss of control in your life, speaking to someone who understands what you’re going through is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Choose to get help today and learn how to solve the problems in your way. I help you find solutions that lead to the life you desire and envision for yourself. I would love to help you beat the difficulties in your way and create the life you really want!

Main Practice Areas

Feelings of anxiety are common from time to time, but when they begin to control your daily life and prevent you from doing normal activities or achieving your goals, it becomes dangerous. It’s time to reclaim your life, I can help you take the steps to living without constant worries, and being free from unhealthy anxiety.
Depression doesn’t always have a cause that is easily identified. Sometimes it’s a result of a single unfortunate event or something that has developed over time.  Life stressors as well as genetic factors play a role.  I can help you determine the source of these feelings, and help you overcome your depression.

Other Areas

Confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities leads to fulfillment and success in life. However, self-esteem and self-confidence don’t always come easy, especially if you have experienced a lot of criticism or tend to view yourself critically. If you do this, you probably don’t have a fair or reasonable view of yourself. Let me help understand how criticism and negative thoughts have distorted how you see yourself. I teach you how to understand the causes of your low self-esteem, how to eliminate these causes, and how to feel good about who you are.
Relationship Issues
Happy, intimate relationships are an important part of life. However, there are many obstacles that can get in the way and make it difficult to form relationships that are healthy, whether it’s issues from the past or present problems you can’t seem to solve. A couples counsellor provides you strategies and options to achieve a more satisfying relationship.

If you want counselling but your partner doesn’t want to go, counselling is still very effective. You learn ways to better deal with relationship problems and issues yourself, and you may also share these with your partner.

I help you get a deeper understanding of why you have these relationship problems, how to fix these problems, how avoid these problems in the future, and how to increase your relationship happiness.

Traumatic experiences can have consequences that last a lifetime, making it difficult for you to relax, stop worrying, form close relationships, or feel good about your life. I can help you reduce the impact of trauma by teaching you how your traumatic experience specifically affects you, helping you create calmness in yourself, feel connected to others, gain energy so that you can live a more joyful, fulfilling life.
Substance Abuse
Substance abuse issues can be very difficult to control on your own and untreated they are often devastating to you and those who love you. Substance abuse is often a way of numbing unresolved painful experiences. Counselling can help you gain greater control over your addictions, help you resolve past issues, and gain more control over your life.

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